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Take to the streets Sat. Jan. 14 in NYC: Peace in Ukraine - Yes! NATO expansion - NO!

CODEPINK joins ANSWER NYC on Saturday, January 14, in conjunction with the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend to raise up the words of MLK on war. This rally will be at Times Square followed by a march and an indoor rally/teach-in. We invite you to join us in person on Saturday, January 14.

People from all over the region will be converging on Times Square in midtown Manhattan to honor the true anti-war legacy of Dr. King. In the last year of his life, before an assassin’s bullet took him, Dr. King was organizing all around the country against what he described as the “Three Evils” of our society: militarism, racism and poverty. Honoring Dr. King in a meaningful way means to build an ever stronger movement for peace and against social and economic injustice. This must include using society’s vast resources to fund healthcare, housing, education and to save the environment – rather than the bloated war machine.

Can we count you in?




Times Square
New York , NY 10036, United States,

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30 RSVPS Rev.  Alan Bentz-Letts Sylvia Rodriguez Case bennett weiss elizabeth murillo Rachel Brown Anita Mondello Bennett Berkowitz Matthew Meoni Patrick Ortiz Ann Fawcett Ambia paki wieland Dheeraj Nagpal