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Contact your representatives asking them to support the NSRAA!

Ask your representative to support the National Security Reforms and Accountability Act!

The NSRAA, introduced by Representatives McGovern and Meijer would give Congress a bigger role in approving arms sales, which would make it easier for activists like us to mobilize and stop them! 

This legislation is an important step toward reasserting Congress’s constitutional power over the use of military force in our foreign policy.  

The NSRAA addresses three topics—war powers, arms export reform, and national emergencies reform —all unified by a set of standard rules and procedures that reassert and safeguard congressional prerogatives. In each case, the president is required to consult congressional leaders and obtain congressional authorization before exercising the powers in question. Any congressional authorization will have to meet specific requirements, including an automatic sunset. Any activities lacking such authorization will face an automatic funding cutoff after a specified number of days.