Note to CODEPINK by Heather Kiriakou

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Like many parents, our children and their happiness mean everything to John and me. They have one chance to grow up and the last thing we want is for this nightmare to be the defining moment of their childhood. Thus, prior to and during John's incarceration, our main focus has been trying to ensure that Chris, Costa, Max, Kate & Charlie are minimally impacted by it.

The reason John accepted the plea deal was to minimize his time away from the kids and not risk missing too milestones in their young lives. John has always been a very involved and devoted father and we miss him terribly. While the kids are remarkably resilient, his absence has been painful for each of the children in different ways. For example, Charlie, our 2 year-old, is angry that he cannot pick up the phone and call daddy. Max, our 9 year-old, has developed chronic nausea because he is constantly worrying about his dad. Kate, our 7 year-old, cries herself to sleep many nights because she misses John's bedtime stories and the folk songs they sang together. The best remedy for the kids has been keeping them as busy as possible to make time go quickly until our family can be reunited.

Your Father's Day fundraiser will ensure that the children will be able to spend their summer days doing fun activities and enjoying their childhoods rather than focusing on John's absence. We are so incredibly lucky to have people like you who are willing to make personal sacrifices to ensure the well-being of our family during this extraordinarily difficult time. John and I are very grateful for your love and support.


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