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Norfolk, VA: Protest for Palestine

Please join us for a rally and march to demand:

Stop the Israeli bombing of Gaza!

Stop the settlers’ seizing of Palestinian homes in Jerusalem!

Stop all U.S. funding of Israeli apartheid!

Self-determination for Palestine!

The Israeli military is carrying out a massive air and ground attack on Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip, which Israel has blockaded for years. The people have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

The crisis began when Palestinian families protested the violent seizure of their homes by Israeli “settlers” in East Jerusalem’s Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. This ethnic cleansing escalated when Israeli police stormed the revered Al-Aqsa mosque, wounding more than 300 people. After Israel refused to stop the attacks, rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip.

Every American should be concerned about what is happening now to the Palestinian people. Israel is subsidized by Washington to the tune of $3.8 BILLION a year - which means that every Israeli bullet and bomb is paid for with our tax dollars.

Hosted by: Meredith Leah

Contact [email protected] to coordinate pick up for official CODEPINK signage!


Can we count you in?




Corner of St. Pauls Blvd. & City Hall Ave.
150 St Pauls Blvd, Norfolk, VA 23510, United States,

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