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No U.S. Intervention in Iraq!

Social Media

  • Facebook: Posting testimonies from the on the Facebook page of your Senators and Representatives and also on the Facebook walls of major media outlets every time you hear about U.S. intervention in Iraq. Share anti-war memes with your friends. 
  • Twitter: Use hashtags #IraqTribunal #TheLies #TheCosts #FromIraqtoStandingRock #nobloodforoil 

Things to do with friends

  • Organize a dinner and movie night: Eating and talking is one of the easiest ways to bring people together. Host a dinner with food from the Middle East. Ask your friends to bring something along, so you don’t need to cook all week. Set aside time to watch short videos from CODEPINK. 
  • Read: Stop the Next War Now excerpts can be read with members of your group in a private or public location and hold a discussion afterward.
  • Watch and discuss feelings about Iraq war: discuss what people would like to do to avert a resumption of U.S. airstrikes.
  • Invite a speaker: Ask folks from CODEPINK, IVAW or your local peace and justice center to speak about Iraq and all the unresolved issues and problems from U.S. war/occupation of 2003 - 2011 to a gathering at your home (email [email protected] to schedule a CODEPINK staffer!).

 Things you can do in public

  • Write a letter to your local newspaper: Tell people why you oppose U.S. intervention or a new bombing campaign/war in Iraq.
  • March and/or rally: Organize a solidarity march and carry a banner with one of our suggested slogans like "Iraq: Been There, Done That," "Don’t Bomb Iraq" or "No New War On Iraq." Consider marching across a bridge in your city – makes a powerful visual. Or rally outside a Federal Building, or another symbolic place. Don’t forget a banner and a camera!
  • Candlelight vigil: Candles make a subtle and beautiful display. Find a public location (City Plaza, Federal Building, Main Library — you know your community) and read the names of the Iraq war dead. Don’t forget your "Don’t Bomb Iraq" banner.
  • Do a phone-a-thon: a great action for a public spot in your home town.
  • Visit your member of Congress: Take a few other like-minded people to his/her district office, strive for ethnic, age and gender balance.
  • Hit your local bookstores: Put info bookmarks in Cheney's, Rice's, books in bookstores, and/or move the book to a more "accurate” section, such as "Crime.
  • Start a weekly peace rally in your town: Buy an all-weather CODEPINK banner!

  • Things that require you to pack a travel bag: Go to DC and do a week’s lobbying, networking with other activists, and observing votes, debates and/or hearings in Congress.