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Netanyahu and Trump


Donald Trump is meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in New York City while Netanyahu is in town to speak at the United Nations. We know what this meeting means: a deepening of Trump and Netanyahu’s “shared values” of racism and hate, advocating for the construction of oppressive walls, the displacement of people of color, and the militarization of civilian populations.

We must seize this opportunity to say loud and clear: from the US to Palestine, #BuildMovementsNotWalls!

We will march from Grand Central Station to a rally at Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza (corner of 47th st and 1st ave, across from the UN). More specific location details will be posted to the Facebook event page soon.

Netanyahu publicly applauds Trumps regressive and disastrous policies, supporting a wall on the US/Mexico border, remaining silent on the Muslim ban, and issuing a delayed and tepid response to white supremacists and neo-Nazis in the streets of Charlottesville. Trump, in turn, points to Israel’s wall as a security success and a justification for his immigration plans and aligns his administration with those in Israel calling for annexation and apartheid, setting the stage for provocative moves that amount to a complete endorsement of Israel’s policies of occupation, displacement and discrimination.

For decades, Palestinians have been fighting the systems and policies that are bringing thousands into the streets across the US since November: an ethno-nationalist regime that bans indigenous Palestinian refugees, denies them the right to return to their homeland, tears families apart, and displaces millions.

The racist and Islamophobic agendas of the Trump and Netanyahu administrations go hand in hand and we’ll resist them together. Join us as we say: From the US to Palestine, #BuildMovementsNotWalls!

Can we count you in?




Protest Netanyahu and Trump in NYC
march from Grand Central Station to a rally at Dag Hammarskjöld Plaza (corner of 47th st and 1st ave across from the UN), New York, New York , United States,

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