Slash the Pentagon, Cut $ to Israel — NDAA2020

Slash the Pentagon, Cut $ to Israel — NDAA2020

The tides are turning and Congress has legislation before them to slash the Pentagon budget, demilitarize the police, condition U.S. assistance to Israel, end support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen, and prevent a dangerous and illegal war with Iran. Contact your Senators and tell them to support these and other progressive amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

See if your Senators and Rep are supporting the amendments to cut Pentagon spending and condition U.S. military assistance to Israel.

Dear Representatives:

In 2020, the Pentagon budget was $740 billion-- about half of which went directly into the hands of private contractors, not our troops. Since 1990, the Pentagon has sent over $7.4 billion worth of “surplus” military equipment to local police departments, bringing the full force of the U.S. military home to terrorize people of color and the working class. On top of our bloated Pentagon and municipal police budgets, we also give Israel almost $4 billion per year — far more than we give to any other country — despite their ongoing human rights abuses and Netanyahu’s promises to illegally annex the West Bank.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Now is the time to show true leadership and support the following progressive amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act:

👉Sanders-Markey’s amendment (S. Amdt. 1788) in the Senate and Lee-Pocan’s amendment in the House to cut the Pentagon budget by 10% and reinvest in our communities to reduce poverty and address COVID 

👉Udall, et al’s amendment in the Senate to condition the $3.8 billion we give annually to the Israeli military so that it does not fund illegal annexation of the West Bank. 

👉Markey’s amendment (S. Amdt. 2051) to prohibit the use of funds for nuclear weapons test explosions

👉 Udall-Paul, et al’s amendment (S. Amdt. 2059) in the Senate and Khanna amendment in the House to prohibit military operations against Iran without authorization from Congress

👉 Schatz-Murkowski-Harris-Paul’s amendment (S. Amdt. 2252) in the Senate to limit the transfer of surplus military-grade equipment to local law enforcement agencies across the country. 

👉Sanders-Lee-Murphy’s amendment (S. Amdt. 1919) in the Senate to end U.S. participation in the Saudi-led war in Yemen

👉Elizabeth Warren’s amendment (S. Amdt. 1860) in the Senate to rescind medals of honor awarded for acts at Wounded Knee Creek on December 29, 1890

👉Barbara Lee’s amendment in the House to repeal the 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force.  

👉 Tulsi Gabbard’s amendments (H. Amdt. 341 and H. Amdt. 498) in the House to require reports on the impact of U.S. sanctions on foreign countries. 

Now is the time for our representatives to show true leadership by taking the first step towards creating a society that addresses security by investing in human needs, not endless war and militarization. Please support and vote for a 10% cut to the Pentagon, for U.S. military aid to Israel not to fund annexation, and for the other amendments to the NDAA listed above. 


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