Iran: Release Nasrin Sotoudeh!

Just days after International Women’s Day, prominent human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh was sentenced to somewhere between 7 years and 33 years in prison and 148 lashes--one of the harshest sentencing for human rights defenders in modern Iranian history. What was her crime? Defending women’s rights activists who are peacefully protesting against the mandatory hijab and other laws that oppress women.

For years, Nasrin defended women’s rights activists who have been fighting for gender equality, supporting abused children and women, and opposing the death penalty. In 2012 the European Union awarded her the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought--its most prestigious human rights award. Her detainment is a gross reminder of the conditions that women’s rights activists face in Iran when challenging the patriarchal rules forced upon them.

We condemn the Iranian government for its imprisonment of Nasrin and all human rights activists in Iran and demand their immediate release. We also condemn U.S. government officials who appropriate Iranian women’s rights activists demands for democracy to justify their agenda for military intervention and sanctions against the Iranian people. Belligerent U.S. policies strengthen the hardliners in Iran and make it more difficult for civil society to thrive.

Please sign our letter to the Head of the Judiciary in Iran and Iran’s Foreign Minister to call for Nasrin’s release.

Dear Ebrahim Raisi
Cc Javad Zarif,

We are deeply saddened to hear that prominent human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh has been sentenced to between 7 and 33 years in prison and 148 lashes. We are supporters of peace and diplomacy with Iran and we unequivocally condemn her unjust conviction and call for her immediate release.

As a women-led anti-war organization, we fight against U.S. wars and militarism and speak up against gross human rights violations. We are outraged that Nasrin, who has dedicated her life to defending peaceful women’s rights activists, faces one of the harshest sentences among human rights defenders in recent Iranian history.

We encourage the U.S. and Iran to have open dialogue and diplomatic relations. We strongly oppose the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Iran Nuclear Agreement and reimposition of sanctions. However, we cannot sit silent over Nasrin’s outrageous sentence. Her contributions to human rights should be celebrated, not prosecuted.

We call for the release of Nasrin Sotoudeh and all peaceful human rights activists, and we stand in solidarity with those fighting for women’s rights.


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Kari Stiele-Jules
Nadia Alchaar
Sabine Dohrn
jason mcguire
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Phil Brand
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  • Kari Stiele-Jules
    signed 2020-05-06 19:58:31 -0400
    I posted in my blog a human rights subsection womens rights and am in they way of Islam. This lawyer is on my blog to help with the petition. I am in Canada. Practicing Islamic spirituality.
  • Nadia Alchaar
    signed 2020-04-10 20:26:59 -0400
  • Sabine Dohrn
    signed 2020-03-26 14:41:52 -0400
  • jason mcguire
    signed 2020-03-20 22:36:04 -0400
  • Alexistori Gonzalez
    followed this page 2020-02-27 12:33:11 -0500
  • Alexistori Gonzalez
    signed 2020-02-27 12:33:01 -0500
  • Robert Thomas
    signed 2020-02-10 00:25:15 -0500
    Nasrin Sotoudeh and all other civil/human rights activists should be released immediately. All they are doing is trying to make Iran a better place to live.
  • Elizabeth Read
    signed 2020-01-19 10:57:00 -0500
  • Max Morales
    signed 2020-01-14 18:29:00 -0500
  • Ginny Schneider
    @ginnyschneider tweeted link to this page. 2020-01-13 16:57:54 -0500
    Please sign our letter to Iran calling for Nasrin Sotoudeh’s release. Sentencing her to 7-33 years in prison and 148 lashes is one of the harshest sentences for human rights defenders in modern Iranian history, and one we strongly condemn. Via @codepink
  • Ginny Schneider
    signed 2020-01-13 16:54:53 -0500
  • Jessie Massoudi
    signed via 2020-01-09 11:51:00 -0500
  • Phil Brand
    signed 2020-01-09 04:11:40 -0500
  • Melanie Bennett
    signed 2020-01-07 16:56:39 -0500
  • Caroline Blake
    signed 2020-01-05 15:57:34 -0500
    This peaceful women’s rights advocate Nasrin Sotoudeh should not be punished, she should

    be released. Ite she is hurt, that stains the leadership promoting Nasrin’s mistreatment under

    the Patriarchy
  • Sandra Maliga
    signed 2020-01-05 15:38:00 -0500
  • Alexistori Gonzalez
    @Alexistori5 tweeted link to this page. 2019-12-28 08:58:37 -0500
    Please sign our letter to Iran calling for Nasrin Sotoudeh’s release. Sentencing her to 7-33 years in prison and 148 lashes is one of the harshest sentences for human rights defenders in modern Iranian history, and one we strongly condemn. Via @codepink
  • Alice Aguzzi
    signed 2019-12-13 14:21:31 -0500
  • Guy Hollyday
    signed 2019-11-06 21:16:46 -0500
  • Sir....Alexistori Gonzalez
    signed 2019-09-29 06:26:25 -0400
    Wars. Are. A. Mans. All. Evil. Desires. Against. Educational. Knowledge.

    Against. Our. Planet. No. Thought. For. Other. Peoples. Lives. At. All. No. Matter. What
  • Ima Cunt
    signed 2019-09-13 09:18:43 -0400
    nigga luvva
  • Anndrea Nelson
    signed via 2019-09-08 02:02:54 -0400
  • Daniel Axelrod
    signed 2019-08-28 09:31:56 -0400
  • Kenneth Machere
    signed 2019-08-25 09:30:04 -0400
  • Tania Smith
    signed 2019-08-01 21:37:43 -0400
  • paki wieland
    signed 2019-07-24 17:45:43 -0400
  • Anam El-jabali
    signed 2019-07-08 09:33:59 -0400
  • Anita Weinstein
    signed 2019-07-06 19:47:17 -0400
  • Amber Gilewski
    signed 2019-07-04 10:08:19 -0400
  • Michelle Landy
    signed 2019-06-26 21:43:26 -0400

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