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Support Sen. Murphy’s Amendment: Stop Bombing Children in Yemen

It’s time for the U.S. to stop backing the death of children. Senator Chris Murphy (CT) introduced an amendment to stop allowing U.S. tax dollars to fund the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. Tell your Senators to support Sen. Murphy’s amendment, and stop sending bombs to kill innocent Yemenis.

Dear Representative,

On August 9, an airstrike by the Saudi-UAE-U.S. coalition struck a bus packed with children in the northern village of Dahyan in Yemen, killing at least 51 people, including 40 children, according to the Red Cross. Saudi regime spokesmen have defended this horrific massacre, calling the bus a “legitimate military target.”

When journalists asked a senior US official if the US supplied that particular bomb, he responded: “Well, what difference does that make? We are providing the refuelling and support to Saudi aircraft. We are also selling them munitions that are being used ... We are not denying that.”

CNN broke the news that the bomb Saudi Arabia used to kill 40 children on school bus was manufactured by military contractor Lockheed Martin. The sale was approved by the State Department, making the US complicit in this most recent atrocity in Yemen.

The Washington Post editorial board says: “It is long past time to end U.S. support for this misbegotten and unwinnable war. There is a clear path out: A U.N. mediator has called the various parties to Geneva early next month to discuss a peace process. Among the first steps would be a cease-fire... U.N. sources say the Houthis...are ready to strike these accords, but the Saudi and UAE regimes have been resistant...[the Saudi and UAE regimes] will accept a peace process only if it is clear that they will not have Washington’s support for more war.”

Senator Chris Murphy (CT) introduced an amendment to stop allowing U.S. tax dollars being used to create the worst humanitarian crisis in the world. This amendment to the Pentagon appropriation would stop U.S. tax dollars from funding this unconstitutional war – a war that was never authorized by Congress. Support Senator Murphy’s amendment and stop US complicity in the war on Yemen.

52 Senators have voted against the war in a floor vote, either in June 2017 or in March 2018 on the Sanders-Lee-Murphy bill invoking the War Powers Resolution.

Stop the killing in Yemen and vote in favor of Senator Murphy’s amendment!


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