Mother's Day Peace Festival


Join CODEPINK and more in Washington DC on May 7th in saying no to violence and war! RSVP Below!

Join CODEPINK this year on Saturday, May 7th from 2pm to 8pm for a Peace Vigil and celebration in front of the White House to celebrate the original Mother’s Day call: a time for women to come together to organize against violence and war. It's a day to say DISARM, DISARM!

In 1872, Julia Ward Howe called upon mothers to support an end to war when she declared the first "Mother's Day for Peace” in the US. This year, we return to our roots and bring together our mothers, daughters, aunts, children and all who want to work for peace. The Mother’s Day Peace Festival will feature storytelling, performances, art, music and dancing. Everyone is invited to contribute. Here is Julia Ward Howe's Mother's Day Proclamation

We will come together to reject violence across the world. We say NO! to militarization of the police, mass incarceration and killing of black youth across the U.S., Islamophobia, attacks on immigrants, violence against transwomen. We honor the Movement for Black Lives that reaffirms the dignity of all people. We STAND UP! against the selling of arms to repressive Middle Eastern governments, American killer drones that terrorize families, forms of feminism that justify war, and a culture of militarization that echoes around the world. We celebrate grassroots movements for democracy and human rights for people everywhere. We defend women who have been subjected to cruelty and violence. Join us in Washington, DC to reject violence around the world and build local peace economies.


2:00-3:00 PM
Opening remarks/get to know you games with Jodie/Alli/pink team, Davey Rogner opens with song/remarks

Performers: Dave Mascatello, Conor Brendan

Speakers: Kate Youngjoo Shim; Poem by Esther Iverem; Ann Wright

3:45-4:30 PM
Performers: Luci Murphy; Katrina and co-presenter workshop

Speakers; Mai Abdul Rahman, Shelley Fudge, Ramah Kudaimi

Performers: Drum jam; Caroline Casey

Speakers: Polly Miller; Mike Marceau; Anise Jenkins; Margaret Flowers

5:30-6:00 PM
Performers: Sun Tin; SongRise (5:45 PM); Ms. Fridrich

Moms: Dorothy Elliott; Marsha Coleman-Adebayo; Darlene Cain, Marion Gray-Hopkins, Cynthia Dawkins, Beverly Smith, more TBA

Healing ceremony with Ayo Handy-Kendi

Open mic with Ian Collins, Talia Ramey, Davey Rogner, and anyone else who is present

Final performers: The Soft Answer; Voice for Hope

SPEAKERS (so far): 

MC: Jodie Evans
Aleah Holland, HEAL Network Inc.
Anise Jenkins, Free DC
Danette Chavis, National Action Against Police Brutality and Murder! (mom)
Darlene Cain
Dorothy Elliott, The Committee For Justice For Archie Elliott III & Coalition of Concerned Mothers
Kate Youngjoo Shim, Washington DC for Butterfly for Hope
Katrina Abarcar, International Coalition for Human Rights in the Phillipines
Marion Gray-Hopkins, Coalition Of Concerned Mothers
Marsha Coleman-Adebayo, No Fear Coalition (mom)
Mike Marceau, Veterans for Peace DC
Polly Miller, CODEPINK
Ramah Kudaimi
Shelley Fudge, Jewish Voice for Peace
PERFORMERS (so far): 
Ayo Handy-Kendi, African American Holiday Association (VIGIL)
Caroline Casey
Conor Brendan, musician 
Davey Rogner, Harvest Collective musician
Esther Iverem, poetry
Luci Murphy, musician 
Sarah Fridrich, Ms. Fridrich (music)
Song Rise
Sun Tin, Spoken Word
Susan Lowell, The Soft Answer (Ta'i Chi) 
Talia Ramey, musician


African American Holiday Association
American Palestinian Women's Association
Brave New Films
Coalition for Concerned Mothers
HEAL Network Inc.
Institute for Policy Studies
International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines
Life in the Liberated Zone
Little Friends for Peace
Military Families Speak Out
National Action Against Police Brutality and Murder
National Action Against Police Violence
No Fear Coalition
Popular Resistance
Song Rise
The Committee For Justice For Archie Elliott III
The Soft Answer
Veterans for Peace DC Chapter
Voice for Hope
Washington DC for Butterfly for Hope
Washington Peace Center
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom - DC Chapter
World Beyond War
May 07, 2016 at 2pm - 8pm
Mother's Day Peace Festival
16th St & Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington, DC 20006
United States
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    Love the Mother’s Day Proclamation. I have this history in my book The Peacemaker and post a video I did of it on youtube every Mother’s Day. This is exactly what our heritage is and we women have to start acknowledging that before anything else.
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