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The Missing Peace: Don't Buy Biden's Genocide CODEPINK Community Hour

Join CODEPINK Palestine campaign organizer, Nour, and our communications manager, Melissa for our newest online community call, "Missing Peace Mondays," where we come together to reflect, mourn, educate, and mobilize.

This Monday, we'll focus on how to use (or rather don’t use!) our hard earned money to demand for a ceasefire on Gaza and an end to the occupation of Palestine. We will learn from organizers behind the BDS movement as well as hear from our very own, Jodie Evans, who will talk about the “Don’t Buy Bush’s War” campaign from the Iraq war era and how we can use those same strategies today. As an antiwar community we will come together to say: Don’t Buy Biden’s Genocide. Monday, November 27, at 5 pm PT/8 pm ET.

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