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Milwaukee, Wisconsin: Peace with Russia

Sponsored by the End the Wars Coalition and Peace Action WI

We urge President Biden not to send more troops and weapons to Eastern Europe to risk war with Russia and support a moratorium on NATO expansion. We are asking the Biden administration to pursue a diplomatic outcome in Ukraine. We oppose "sweeping and indiscriminate sanctions" on Russia, arguing such a tactic would do more harm than good.

We are in opposition to Congressman Meek's dangerous legislation H.R. 6470, providing more U.S. military aid from taxpayers. Ukraine has already received a $200 million shipment of U.S. weapons on Jan 24, which is further destabilizing the region.  

The drumbeat for war is driven by the corporate rhetoric of mainstream media selling these wars, and the influence of the arms industry making billions of dollars in profits from US tax dollars.

Russia’s Requests:

It is calling on NATO to halt its program of building missile bases in countries bordering or close to Russia’s territory.

It is asking NATO to withdraw troops in Poland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

It is urging NATO to make it clear that Ukraine is not being groomed to join NATO.

Join CODEPINK and allies on February 5, 2022 to demand an end to the drumbeat of war with Russia over Ukraine!

This rally will coincide with activities around the country to resist the normalization of war and demand that not a single bullet or gun be sent to Ukraine! Diplomacy not war!

Bring pink signs with the following messages:

  • No War with Russia @CODEPINK #NoWarWithRussia
  • NO to war YES to peace! @ CODEPINK #NoWarWithRussia
  • Give PEACE a budget!  @ CODEPINK #NoWarWithRussia

Sign our petitions to stop war with Russia & learn more here! | Download graphics and posters here!

🕊️ See you there in PINK! 🕊️

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Corner of Capitol/Teutonia
Milwaukee, WI, United States,

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