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London Earth Day Action: The Big One

CODEPINK will join XR Peace on April 24 to picket the Ministry of Defence in London as part of XR UK's The Big One demonstration from April 21-24.

The majority of the UK public are terrified about what is happening to our climate. The government can’t be trusted to do the right thing to protect lives. They open coal mines and politicians fill their pockets. They wreck the economy, education system and our NHS. All the while they pin responsibility on poor families, people of colour, and new immigrants.

If politicians aren’t willing to put in the hard graft to turn things around, then we will. It’s time we choose our own future.

And wear pink!


To get further involved in the actions taking place April 21-23, please get in touch with Angie Zelter with XR Peace at [email protected]




Ministry of Defense (Whitehall side)
Whitehall London SW1A 2HB, London SW1, United Kingdom,

Google map and directions


Nancy Mancias ·

Can we count you in?