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Lauren Tucker




How do you personally define the “ Local Peace Economy?": 

Creating small communities where we know each other and through our interconnectedness we work together to achieve common goals.  Where every person feels important, participates, can safely voice their opinion and gets their needs met.  

I work with creating community around access to healthy food, which addresses suffering from hunger and creates joy through earth connection and food sharing.  

What prompted you to make moves away from the war-based economy?

For me, there is only one way to be truly happy and feel supported and that is through healthy, interconnected community.  

What are some of the key first steps you took to create your vision?

I’ve facilitated the process of creating a garden for the community in Venice, CA.  The space is still in creation and relies on the help of hundreds of volunteers.

The first thing we did was build relationships and trust.  We met for six months with the nonprofits that work in the buildings on the land before we every put a shovel in the ground.  We sent out flyers to the neighborhood letting everyone know what we were up to.  We worked the local city council and numerous nonprofits.  We brought together many stakeholders to vision the space before we started creating it.  

What is your message to those endeavoring to become a part of a local peace economy?

Make one little action every day to get to know your neighbors.  Share what you are passionate about, what lights you on fire, because this authenticity creates connection and joy in community.  

Favorite way to participate in the Local Peace Economy that easily can be implanted in the every-day routine? (For example: riding your bike to work)

My favorite way to participate in the Local Peace Economy is by paying attention to the natural environment.  Some days it's as simple as noticing what bushes are blooming and where the birds are perching.  Other days it's growing gardens and sharing food.  

Any upcoming projects or ways for others to get involved?:

We are always welcoming more volunteers to get involved in the Kiss the Ground garden in Venice, California.  For more info visit our website: or email [email protected]