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Close Guantanamo NOW Vigil

Please join CODEPINK and allies in-person Wednesday, January 11, to mark the 21st anniversary of the opening of Guantanamo Bay and the human rights violations and torture it spawned.

At its peak, the illegal detention center at Guantanamo Bay held some 800 men and boys of Muslim faith - most of whom were never charged with a crime. Today, 36 prisoners still languish there.

This year is also the 20th anniversary of the Bush administration's "Torture Memos", documents written to explain away the waterboarding of detainees and other violent acts as "enhanced interrogation techniques." To date no one in the Bush administration has been called to account for writing and implementing these documents.

Let's send a message to President Biden:

Close Guantanamo NOW and release all detainees!

End torture NOW and prosecute the torturers and those who authorized them.

Can we count you in?




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300 N Los Angeles St, Los Angeles , CA 90012, United States,

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