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CODEPINK Gathering in LA

It is time to get back together again, plan together, engage together, make beautiful trouble together and be visible for peace.

We have two big events we are planning for in June and we need to start now to make them beautiful so we can #CutThePentagon next vote in Congress.  As it will be even more obvious that weapons do not end war, they just kill innocent people. 

Let’s start the conversation over Zoom (for the ones who cannot make it to our in-person event on April 17).

RSVP for a Zoom link and bring your ideas, your passion for peace and your readiness to engage.

We will be talking about our alternative to the Summit of the Americas happening in LA in June and our response (People's Summit 2022) as well as the Poor People's Campaign gathering in DC for Juneteenth in DC June 17-20.

We want a robust engagement from LA.  And how can we plant seeds of peace here in LA this spring.  

Can we count you in?






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