Vote NO on Kavanaugh!


Kavanaugh would be a Justice who isn’t just. There are multiple allegations of sexual assault against him. He has lied under oath about his drinking, approves of detention in Guantanamo Bay, thinks international law has no place in US courts, and supports the unconstitutional use of the Authorization for Use of Military Force which bypasses Congressional authority and causes destruction across the globe.

His opposition to affordable health care will threaten the lives of millions of Americans. The possibility of him overturning Roe v. Wade would risk the lives and rights of women in the U.S. Kavanaugh takes away people’s choices—from the women he has assaulted, to the women whose rights over their own bodies are threatened by him, to the civilians who face the wars he’s backed.

Tell the five members of the Senate who are on the fence to VOTE NO ON KAVANAUGH!

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What's in Kavanaugh's Résumé?

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  • Alexistori Gonzalez
    followed this page 2020-03-31 14:10:46 -0400
  • Shodo Spring
    commented 2018-10-06 11:23:10 -0400
    I hope you are organizing something good against the Supreme Court and the Senate. Besides getting out the vote, of course. I was imagining a camp on the doors of both, somewhere legal, 24-7.
  • Mike D
    commented 2018-10-05 23:58:15 -0400
    Yes on Kavanaugh!!
  • Carol Wells
    commented 2018-10-05 18:22:04 -0400
    I was sexually assaulted when I was a teenager.
    I was lucky, I got away.
    I don’t remember the date…or even the year.
    I went home that night but have no idea how I got there.
    I never told my parents.
    I don’t remember the man’s name.
    I never reported it to the authorities.

    But I can describe the office where he assaulted me. I remember where the desk was in relationship to the door because I kept staring at the door, willing for someone to knock. I remember the beautiful Persian miniatures hanging on the wall—he had spent time explaining them to me. I remember trying to rub my mouth off my face after I managed to escape. I remember my terror.

    I was a Freshman or Sophomore at UCLA, and a reporter for the Daily Bruin, the student newspaper. It was sometime between 1963 and 1965. I could look up the year because the Shah of Iran was coming to UCLA—-I think to receive an honorary degree—and many students were planning to protest. But I don’t want to make the memories any clearer than they still are after all these years. I was assigned to interview a visiting professor from Iran and report on his thoughts about the Shah and the planned protests. The professor attacked me in his office, he pushed me onto his desk.

    After the attack I told several friends who helped me deal with it emotionally. None of them suggested going to the authorities. This was more than 50 years ago. Sexual harassment wasn’t a term. #MeToo didn’t exist. But I am outraged after listening to the ridicule and mockery that Trump and his supporters are leveling at Dr. Christine Blasey Ford because:

    “She doesn’t remember when it happened.”
    “She doesn’t remember how she got home.”
    “She never told her parents.”

    All of those charges can apply to me. But it happened. Outrage is too mild a term for what I am feeling. I cannot stay silent.
  • Trisha Shaw
    commented 2018-10-05 07:51:39 -0400
    Outraged as these old white men (mostly) make decisions about women’s bodies, among many other important issues and ignore all the facts before them. The unfitness of Kavanaugh for office is blatantly apparent. As the Speaker of the House stated last week, going to plow through. Kavanaugh is such a disgrace.
  • Foreclosure Nation
    commented 2018-10-05 07:13:26 -0400
    Kavanaugh’s behavior is unbecoming of an individual being considered for the highest court. He is unable to hold his emotions in check and unable to remain non partisan. He is unfit to hold this office.
  • Rose Crockett
    commented 2018-10-04 22:57:37 -0400
    The thing about the allegation that "she only had one beer… " I speculate that he or one of his buddies spiked her beer. Someone drugged me once by putting something in my drink. And I was taken advantage of against my will. I believe she was drugged by one of those boys. Please vote NO on Kavanaugh for Supreme Court Justice. I do not agree with positions.., even if he has been falsely accused, I do not like his demeanor.
  • Vivian Weinstein
    followed this page 2018-10-04 22:10:53 -0400
  • james nordlund
    commented 2018-10-04 19:28:36 -0400
    The president went extremely too far in his comments yesterday, misogynisticly attacking another sexual assault victim to attempt to re-oppress her into self-censuring for the abuser of her; as he usually does, sadly. It was actually pathological lying by RumputiN, slandering, harrassing and re-victimizing Dr. Ford; and furthering him and his rootin’ tootin’ felonious organized crime family’s international crime spree- for he seems to mostly nominate and appoint serial lifelong repub criminals to all high positions in the exec. branch, to take public pressure off his criminal insanity, bad behavior, and because they mirror him and that. There’s so much evidence of felonious Kavanaugh’s lifelong criminality, his continuous felonious lying to the Senate, his attempted rape, conspiracy to attempt rape of Dr. Ford, etc.. His sexual abuse of Mrs. Ramirez, and subsequent abuse of her by bragging, etc.. His conspiring to do the same or similar crimes routinely, as witnessed by Ms. Swetnick, over a long period of time, etc.. His over the last several months interstate criminal conspiracy to get fellow peers to come forward and lie about Mrs. Ramirez’ account to discredit her, others to conspire to find pictures of him and her at events in order to destroy that evidence; which has been published. His letters and calendar entries that indicate he has lied numerous more times concerning his drinking only beer occasionally, etc., to this Senate judiciary confirmation committee, etc., indicating his lying is pathological- and he doesn’t meet the three minimum ethics bars for confirmation of any judge. His lifelong criminal conspiracies all indicate he isn’t fit to flip burgers at MceeDees, let alone be appointed to a lifelong position as a Supremacy Court Justice; as well as the fact that he should be prosecuted with the RICO Statute and impeached from his current position as an Appeals Court Judge. “Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s record and judicial philosophy demonstrate a clear hostility towards reproductive rights. We cannot afford to go back to a world before Roe v. Wade – when abortion was illegal and unsafe for millions of people in the U.S..” Actually, felonious Kavanaugh’s, as he’s lied six times to Congress (and should be impeached from his current Appeals Court Judge position instead of being illegally installed in the Supremacy Court), attempted installation in the Supremacy Court is more like RumputiN’s felonious crime family being installed in the Blackhouse by the united suck of assassins police, military, intelligence industrial complexes, Bernie or bust ‘bots, O’bama, tea partiers, remocrats dempublicans (that’s dinos and DinoS, dem soc), wiki leaks, Assange, sinos, ainos, linos, ginos (I was aghast when I first saw Stein across the table from utin and rump in Moscow on the news), as well as global hackers, and the monetizing of the social media too far, ‘cause money’s all that matters, Moore monetizing on Trump’s name by using ‘Trumpland’ as the title of his book before the 11-16 election, even though he knew full well it would inspire remocrats to get out the vote more and realize a swing of some votes to RumputiN because a % of our polity just wants to vote for who they think will win for bragging rights, Barr, Kanye, etc.. RumputiN feloniously dictated that the 100k documents that the Senate requires additionally would not be provided; Kavanaugh cannot be confirmed!!! They only supplied 40k documents 12 hours before the hearings begun, giving Senators almost no time to skim through them; this is criminal procedure as well- don’t allow anything to proceed to a confirmation of the criminal (he lied in front of the Senate to Durbin during his Appeals Court confirmation, referred for prosecution) Kavanaugh. FBI should investigate the latest felonies of him for attempted rapes, sexual assault from 4 victims with numerous witnesses, etc., before Kavanaugh is confirmed, so the Senate can hear all the facts about felonious Kavanaugh before he gets an up or down vote. Thanx for all you do. Copy, share as you will. reality All, buenos dias.
  • Janice Hallman
    commented 2018-10-04 18:03:16 -0400
    Please vote no and do not allow Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court. He raved like a two year old having a temper tantrum, and lied about gross sexual term meanings like devil’s triangle and boofing and claimed they meant something else. He was anything by reasoned and impartial in his attitude, confronting Senators when they questioned him on his drinking habits, by throwing questions back in their faces like they were on trial. He guzzled down water, like I could imagine him guzzling beer. His demeanor was of a trapped individual, not an impartial jurist. How could he possibly be a fair judge on the Supreme Court with his blaming and arrogant personality? Please do not allow him to be on the Supreme Court for the next 30 years!!
  • Carl Stilwell
    commented 2018-10-04 18:01:46 -0400
    The FBI report was a complete coverup not an investigation. Ex SCOTUS justice Paul Stevens and American Bar Association question his qualifications for a life time appoint. Put country ahead of party and reject Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination.
  • Janice Hallman
    followed this page 2018-10-04 17:53:51 -0400
  • Ian Stokes
    commented 2018-10-04 15:39:26 -0400
    Dr Ford has every reason to remember those event; Judge Kavanaugh has every reason to forget them
  • pedro guevara
    commented 2018-10-04 15:37:49 -0400
    My post code is valid for Mexico; and Si, yo tengo compasion!
  • Ben Brooks
    followed this page 2018-10-04 14:27:27 -0400