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Women in Saudi Arabia: The Kafala and Male Guardianship Systems

Join CODEPINK and Freedom Forward for a conversation about the kafala and male guardianship systems in Saudi Arabia with Dr. Hala Aldosari and Bethany Alhaidari, moderated by CODEPINK’s Danaka Katovich. Learn more about who can be harmed by these systems and how they operate. 


Dr. Hala Aldosari is a scholar in women's social determinants of health and an activist from Saudi Arabia; she is now based in the US. Dr. Aldosari's research and advocacy is focused on violence against women and legal reforms in women's rights. She serves as an advisory board member in several human rights organizations and received many awards for her work on human rights, such as the Alison Des Forges award from Human Rights Watch and the Freedom award from Freedom House. Her op-ed writings are featured in several international media outlets and she was the inaugural Khashoggi's fellow at the Washington Post in 2019.

Bethany Alhaidari is a PhD candidate in International human Rights Law with the National University of Ireland focusing on Saudi Arabia, and holds a Masters in Middle East & Islamic Studies. She conducted human rights research in Saudi Arabia for nearly a decade. After struggling through the Saudi legal system herself, she returned to advocate for women and children facing human rights violations in Saudi Arabia with Freedom Forward and the Saudi American Justice Project

To listen to this conversation you can watch live on YouTube or join us live on Zoom. 

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