International Women's Day in Pictures

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

As International Women's Day passes and our delegation to Gaza prepares to return to their respective homes, I am reflecting on what an amazing grassroots response we had to our call to action to dedicate this Women's Day to the women of Gaza. In less than one month, we gathered 60 women and men to drop everything to travel to Gaza, we held over 25 fundraisers across the US to raise funds and awareness about the conditions in Gaza, we received thousands of donations of $10 and more to purchase baskets of aid, and we connected women across the globe and the Net to join together to call for peace.

For many who attended the delegation, it was a life-changing experience. Pam writes about a bittersweet return home, while Kim reflects on staying longer.  I followed their journey on Twitter this past week and heard stories of heart break, hope, and humanity.

Thank you to everyone who contributed and participated in this extraordinary global event.  Repairing the homes in Gaza, but more importantly repairing the broken hearts and broken trust of both the Palestinians and Israelis will take more work and more time.  This job is not yet done, but please take a moment to watch the slideshow to see what you were a part of it.  And stay tuned to CODEPINK for more ways to get involved.


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