We must end the cruel policy of caging of children, the separation of families, and the imprisonment of asylum seekers who simply seek a better life. ICE was created shortly after 9/11, and it has become a rogue agency with no accountability, no transparency, and a very misdirected focus. Tell your member of Congress to cosponsor HR 3923, introduced by Rep. Jayapal, to set up a commission with a mandate to redesign the functions of ICE.


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  • stephen sivonda
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    I doubt that Morgan Griffith R-VA will sign this….He’s a party line follower. Damn the Constitution and Bill of rights !
  • stephen sivonda
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  • David Morrow
    commented 2018-07-04 12:01:10 -0400
    My congressman, Steve King, definitely won’t sign onto this piece of legislation because he’s an extreme racist and a white supremacist. If there was someone else other than him, I would send them this message. Crap Steve King needs to leave the House of Representatives now.
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