Get Ready for 21 Days of Mindfulness!


Hey everyone,

Kelly OsajimaMy name is Kelly Osajima, and I’m the new Peace Economy Organizer with CODEPINK. Remember those Peace Economy Daily Inspiration emails you used to get? We took a year-long hiatus from them after the chaos of the election, but we’re excited to say that we’re starting up again next week.

As crises converge on the global level, I’ve realized that change won’t come from the top — to transform the world, we must transform ourselves, our culture and our communities. And that starts with a desire deep in our hearts that turns into a commitment, that turns into a practice to grow a more beautiful world through our everyday actions.

That’s why this Thursday, February 8th, we’re launching 21 Days of Mindfulness with daily practices to reconnect us with our bodies, with the Earth and with each other, to live joyfully and presently as a catalyst for beautiful change. If that sparks your interest and you’d like to make the commitment with us, sign up today. And find at least one friend to join you!

If you’re not ready to commit, you can just enjoy these as inspiration — it’s all good.

Know that while these practices take dedication, I promise this will be a lot of fun!

With love and light,
Kelly Osajima

PS: Feel free to email me at to introduce yourself, and to learn more about my own peace journey, check out my blog!

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