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Gentrification Enforcement by Police

United Nations experts say internal displacement (i.e. gentrification) remains one of the world’s most significant human rights and humanitarian challenges, as millions of people continue to be internally displaced every year by conflict, violence, human rights violations, disasters and “development” projects.
“Though D.C. has experienced rapid gentrification for over a decade, with the black population free falling from 70 percent in 1970 to 49.5 percent in 2010, black residents are still targeted by police at alarming rates.” –Think Progress article.
Join PACA for our October community popular education session where we will learn how police are used to clear the way for gentrification through tactics of harassment like stop and frisk and arrests leading to incarcerations. We will also go over how Community Control.
Community Popular Education Forum
Organized by the Pan-African Community Action

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1800 Good Hope Rd SE
1800 Good Hope Rd SE, Washington, DC 20020, United States,

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Cynthia DeShola Dawkins ·