Fox Favoritism and the Overlooked Story

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

"Long Lines, Armed Guards, and Fake Passes" , a piece in this a.m.'s National Journal bemoans the apparent inside track some reporters are on at the DNC but overlooks the impact the anti-war movement has already had on the proceedings:

After anti-war protestors shut down access to the Pepsi Center Sunday and created hour-long lines for news media and convention staff, Fox News anchor Shepherd Smith waltzed in ahead of hundreds of people standing in the hot sun. Smith exchanged some friendly words with Denver police Lt. P.K. "Pat" Phelan, who opened the barricades for him, to howls of protest from those on line.

As our own Desiree Fairooz likes to say, someone somewhere is kicking ASS. You know. . . that animal you can pin the war on?

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