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February CODEPINK Onboarding

Are you ready to become a Peacemaker and begin organizing against the war machine? Join CODEPINK for an onboarding call to get to know our history, value, and strategies. Building alignment is an important part of finding an organizing home, so this is the chance to see what we stand for and where you can fit into this work!

This call is for anyone wanting to join our organizing track and plan local peace actions.

You will receive a zoom link upon RSVP'ing. We do not share names or emails with anyone, and you can choose not to show your name publicly as a RSVP.






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Can we count you in?

129 RSVPS Adrianne Aron Marjorie Mikels Heather Phipps Cynthia Papermaster Len M Ossob Abdillahi Angela Davis Alice Augusta Cynthia Tovar Rhonda Rungsitiyakorn Nina Amir Katarzyna Gorska Dana Fattal Jane Rowland Brady Melanie Cambron Denisse Del Monte Nivedita Dhar Jeffrey Barkdull Sinai Lopez Chloe Hopson Leslie Lara Audrey Shipp Mahmoud Soliman Nataly Flores Amal Omer Erica miner Miriam Arghandiwal Caitríona Weafer Meg Bane Josh Dunn Cinthia Chen Allison Slavik Stella Casillas Mona Fahim Barbara Forchion Elliot Wolf Dawn Scott Ryanne Levi Mary Thompson Jamie Brown Marcia Keeth Jennifer Reger Meraj Begum Deborah Kaiser Logan K Zarana Patel Jennifer Velazquez Charito Canonizado

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