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How to start a Facebook Fundraiser

It takes a village to do this work for peace. Will you help by starting your own personal fundraiser on Facebook? Every little bit gets us closer towards our goal, and every friend, coworker or loved one you invite helps our movement grow stronger.

We rely on support from grassroots supporters' and their communities to help us reject the lies in Congress, stand against genocide, expose the real costs of sanctions and war, and build the movement for a peaceful world. We're hoping to raise $25,000, and every bit counts.

Getting started is quick and easy — you can set everything up through your Facebook page:

  1. Log in to your Facebook profile through the link below, and select CODEPINK as your organization.
  2. Set up your fundraising goal. We recommend starting out with $200.
  3. Set the deadline to December 4, 2023.
  4. Update the “Tell your story” section as you like (we’ve already started it for you).
  5. Submit and start sharing!

    Click here to start your fundraiser.