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Episode 152: No to NATO Protest in Madrid

Episode 152: No to NATO Protest in Madrid: In this episode of CODEPINK Radio, Marcy Winograd interviews CODEPINK activists Colonel Ann Wright and Paki Wieland about their participation in the NO to NATO protests in Spain. Wright and Wieland joined thousands of demonstrators calling for the dissolution of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in the days leading up to the NATO summit in Madrid. Protesters say NATO expansion threatens to destabilize the world and call on the US and other NATO countries to support diplomacy, not escalation--not more weapons--to resolve the war in Ukraine. At the summit, NATO members agreed to expand their high-readiness troops--those ready to go to war at any moment on land, in the air or the sea--from under 50,000 to 300,000, declared Russia a "direct threat" and labeled China "a security challenge." CODEPINK guests Wright and Wieland explain why they view NATO as the real threat to world peace.