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Episode 135: The Russia-Ukraine War & the Imperative of Organizing for Peace

In this episode of CODEPINK Radio, we rebroadcast a discussion-- "The Russia-Ukraine War & the Imperative of Organizing for Peace"--hosted by RootsAction and co-sponsored by CODEPINK. Guests include: Norman Solomon, National Director of RootsAction Sevim Dağdelen: Member of the German Parliament, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Bill Fletcher Jr.: Senior Scholar with the Institute for Policy Studies, Katrina vanden Heuvel: Editorial director of The Nation magazine, Ann Wright: CODEPINK Peace activist and retired U.S. Army Colonel, Marcy Winograd, Coordinator, CODEPINK Congress and Alan Minsky, Chair, Progressive Democrats of America. Guests call for de-escalation--not more weapons, not a no-fly Zone but negotiations without preconditions.