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Episode 114: Stop Haitian Deportations & Link Militarism to the Climate Crisis

In this episode, CODEPINK Congress coordinator Marcy Winograd and co-host Medea Benjamin talk to Patrice Lawrence, executive director of UndocuBlack, and Paul Christian Namfy, an organizer with the Family Action Network Movement, about their demands the Biden administration halt mass deportations and detentions of Haitians fleeing political collapse, street gangs and impacts of the climate crisis. During the second half of the show, after a pause for Hatian creole music, Marcy interviews CODEPINK campaign organizer Nancy Mancias about CODEPINK's planned protests outside the next UN Climate Conference, the COP26, in Glasgow Scotland, October 31-November 12, 2021. CODEPINK will call on the COP26 to require climate agreement signatories report and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of their militaries.