Activist storms the stage at Hudson Institute event, disrupts Special Envoy to Iran Brian Hook to make appeal for peace with Iran



September 20, 2018

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Activist storms the stage at Hudson Institute event, disrupts Special Envoy to Iran Brian Hook to make appeal for peace with Iran  

CODEPINK’s co-founder Medea Benjamin was forcibly escorted out of the Hudson Institute yesterday, Wednesday September 19, after disrupting warhawk Brian Hook, U.S. Special Envoy to Iran and head of Trump’s Iran Action Group. Watch the video from C-Span

Her protest against Hook’s belligerent speech and the administration’s harsh sanctions struck a chord with people in Iran--CODEPINK has been bombarded via email and Instagram with messages from ordinary Iranians expressing their thanks and echoing the call for peace. “The messages from Iranians keep pouring in and are so beautiful,” said Benjamin. “People in both countries want to live in peace. We have to stop the Trump administration from dragging us into another unjustified, unwinnable, catastrophic conflict.”

Hook’s hawkish claims are similar to those made 17 years ago for Iraq. He drummed up anti-Iran sentiment by claiming that Iran was responsible for the deaths of American lives in Iraq and was the number one cause of terrorism in the region, refusing to mention the role of US ally Saudi Arabia in spreading Wahhabism and bombing Yemeni civilians, including schoolchildren.

Shortly after Hook’s speech, Benjamin stormed to the stage to counter Hook’s dangerous, misleading and false claims. While juggling between five different security guards, Benjamin called out Hook for paving a way for another war in the Middle East, given the catastrophic US military interventions in Iraq and Libya. She also asked if the sanctions were hurting the Iranian regime or the Iranian people. Hook refused to respond to Benjamin’s serious questions and concerns, instead joking “I think she had her coffee this morning.” The Hudson Institute went further, scrubbing Benjamin’s intervention from their livestream, as if it never happened. “It’s interesting how the Trump administration and ‘think tanks’ like the Hudson Institute are delighted by protests in Iran, but repress and try to erase any trace of protest against their warlike policies,” said Benjamin.

However, their attempts to silence Benjamin were unsuccessful as the protest has garnered much media attention among Iranians, including a tweet by Iran’s Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif.

Medea Benjamin recently published the book Inside Iran: The Real History and Politics of the Islamic Republic of Iran, chronicling the history of US intervention that led to the Islamic Republic. Ms. Benjamin is available for interview.


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  • Joanne Kelly
    commented 2018-09-26 05:18:06 -0400
    Thank you so much, Medea Benjamin for your actions at the Hudson Institute. I had to do a google search in order to find you and thank you and let you know how much I respect you for your action. You are simply amazing! I and my friends were so impressed with how much you were able to say before being totally removed from the room. Thank you, thank you and thank you.