David Schwenk: #DemocracySpring March to Washington, D.C.


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Day 3 #DemocracySpring Philly to DC.

We just finished day three of our Democracy Spring march to Washington, D.C. to demand campaign finance reform, and despite the onslaught of rain in the late afternoon, our spirits are high. Each step brings us closer together; each chant of “one person, one vote” solidifies our resolve; and each night we find comfort and compassion – as well as delicious meals – in the number of churches providing us with a place to rest our weary bones.


Our numbers push 150, with marchers hailing from California, Montana, Oregon, Colorado, Arizona, Illinois, Michigan, New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Maine, North Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, and – yours truly – the Czech Republic. And those are just the people I've met. We are here to represent every state in the nation with our cry for money out of politics and an end to political corruption.

Throughout our walk from Independence Mall in Philadelphia until now, we have marched the gamut of expensive high rises to neighborhoods scarred with blight and neglect. Everywhere we find overwhelming support for our cause. But it is in those neighborhoods most beaten down with decay that we have found the warmest reception. Folks come out on their balconies or greet us on the street, wanting to learn more about our mission. They wait in their cars to let us pass. They wave from bedroom windows. They cheer emphatically and blast their car horns. 

Each hour brings more information about the nation watching our pilgrims' progress. We received great coverage in the Philadelphia Inquirer and on Channel 6 news. Local stations in Delaware filmed and interviewed us. NPR has been watching us closely. Noam Chomsky and Bill Moyers have expressed their support. We even had Bill O'Reilly's henchmen out to cover our departure from Independence Mall. Breibart.com denounced us as paid lackeys of George Soros and Moveon.org while Alex Jones declared that we cried and went home when it rained in Philadelphia the first day.

Bring it on! Our numbers will only grow. Each day new pilgrims join us. We expect some conservative marchers to join us tomorrow, and we welcome them warmly. In Baltimore our numbers should greatly increase. And by the time we reach Washington, our numbers will be in the thousands. 

I would love to share the incredible conversations I have had with some of the most amazing people I have ever met, from homeless individuals, to authors, to lifelong activists, to simply outraged citizens, but time and space are limited. Let me just say this: We all feel this is a magical moment. We all know this is the historical point when the battle for campaign finance reform and an end to Corporatocracy fuses with other environmental and social justice movements to unite our voices in one cry for real democracy in America and an end to corporate rule.

We look forward to joining with our brothers and sisters in Washington on April 11th, when thousands are ready to risk arrest, including Codepink members like Jodie Evans and Rebecca Green, as we move to reclaim the People's House in mass through daily sit-ins intended to force Congress to pass any of the perfectly-viable reform bills now pending. We will make history. 

Please join us on the march. Sit in with us in Washington. Share our message with others. All of us now marching feel deeply that we are where we want to be, that our numbers will only grow, and that soon our movement for justice will be unstoppable. We are ready to take the next steps tomorrow and every day until we achieve our goals.


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  • Dennis Moore
    commented 2016-04-06 17:02:33 -0400
    Brothers and Sisters know that I truly wish to be with you but am unable.
    We did hold a protest at the Oklahoma State Capitol on the 2nd and I post your progress daily across Oklahoma.
    I have the greatest respect for all of you as you are among the truest of Patriots this country has ever known.
    Godspeed and prayers for Victory
    From those who believe in Oklahoma
  • Angelo Fulcinetti
    commented 2016-04-05 14:33:03 -0400
    Those of us who can’t be there marching are STILL with you in spirit!