Cynthia Benjamin on Mother's Day with CODEPINK

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

A hundred peace loving women, a thousand long stemmed roses and what seemed like a  MILLION hand knitted squares from all over the world created an amazing scene of beauty and peace--and all done with love and hope. We have hope for the end of war, for the preservation of community, for the survival of the sisterhood of motherhood.

My only child, my beloved soldier-son, phoned me on the eve of Mother's Day as I was sitting at the White House fence in quiet contemplation and thanked me and CODEPINK for all we do in our enduring quest for peace.

This was my kind of Mother's Day. Exhausted, I will return home carrying my message to mothers, to fathers, to my community, a message that is at the same time a challenge, a goal and a dream.


With thanks to all who are CODEPINK,
Cynthia Benjamin
Mt. Vision, NY

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