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Stop The Arms Trade: Southern California Actionar

Calling all peace activists in Southern California: Join us on February 7th at 6:30PT to learn about the US arms trade and do your part to stop it. Our Call to Disarm campaign is working to get as many members of Congress as possible signed on to our Divest from the War Machine Pledge. If they sign it, it means they won't take any campaign contributions from weapons companies! Many Reps in LA and other parts of southern California haven't signed on yet, so we need you to join our actionar. 

These organizing tactics make tangible change. When members sign the pledge, they are more likely to vote against Pentagon spending increases and against arms sales. The arms trade causes so much destruction at home and abroad. The beginning of this actionar will focus on learning the horrors of the weapons companies and the arms trade. The bulk of it will be taking action! Don't worry about prep, just bring yourselves and know who your Member of Congress is! 

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