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Creech Anti-Drone Week of Resistance

Please join us for all or part of this convergence to resist U.S. Empire at Creech Killer Drone Base in Nevada, north of Las Vegas. Though the pandemic is in full force, we are committed to be at Creech for a full week of drone resistance.  What better way to work against U.S. Empire than to stand strong against the racist weapons that terrorize communities and brutally murder people remotely?

To be COVID-safe we will require:
  • No beds available in guest house:  100% tent camping on Goddess Temple grounds, or make your own arrangements.  (Sleeping in vehicles okay)
  • Mask wearing and social distancing
  • Meals, 3x/day, prepared by a select kitchen crew.

What: A week of peacemaking to resist the Creech Killer Drone Base
Where: "Goddess Temple Grounds" 3 miles from Creech AFB
When: September 27 - October 3, 2020

For more details: Shut Down Creech 
Please RSVP to help us find each other.
Contact: [email protected]t 

Can we count you in?




Goddess Temple Grounds, Nevada


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