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CODEPINK CONGRESS Action: Support Activists in Myanmar

Support Activists in Myanmar!

Find your representatives in the Senate here
Find your representative in the House here
Call Congress via the Capitol Hill switchboard: 202-224-3121


Please co-sponsor [House resolution 134 or Senate resolution 35] to condemn the military coup in Myanmar, previously known as Burma. The resolution joins the Biden administration in condemning the detention of civilian leaders and calls for the release of those detained. The resolution also calls for members of Parliament to be allowed to resume their duties.

Email Adidas CEO Kasper Rørsted: [email protected]


I ask you to seek a written commitment from your contractors and factory managers in Myanmar to not fire or intimidate garment workers who miss work due to participation in the civil disobedience movement, including the current general strike. 

Your company has the power to order contractors to cease and desist from intimidation or punishment of workers fighting authoritarianism. Please support the labor movement for national democracy in Myanmar.