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CODEPINK Congress Action: December 7, 2021

Action Alert: No Space Force!

☎️ Call your House Rep.

White House Switchboard: 202-224-3121

House Rep, my name is ____ and I am your constituent in zip code ____. Please co-sponsor H.R. 5335, the No Militarization of Space Act, to abolish the US Space Force, de-escalate the arms race and respect international treaties that prohibit the weaponization of space. Thank you. 

📧Email VP Harris - the White House

I ask you, Chair of the National Space Council, to preserve the (ISS) International Space Station’s mission to foster peace and scientific cooperation among nations. Do not allow the Department of Defense to usurp civilian control of the ISS or exploit the ISS to further militarize space. Prohibit joint agreements and/or ceremonies with the US Space Force. Thank you.