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CODEPINK Congress Action: October 19, 2021


☎️ Call House Oversight and Reform Committee: 202-225-5051

📧 Email Committee Staffers:
[email protected]
[email protected]

My name is _______, I live in zip code______, and I’m active with CODEPINK Congress. I am reaching out to urge the House Oversight and Reform Committee to hold hearings on the dangers of nuclear rearmament, specifically the GBSD, and to recommend the elimination of our land-based nuclear missiles. I ask that the National Security Subcommittee examine the dangers inherent in ICBMs placed on high alert and the Environmental Subcommittee scrutinize the failure of the Department of Energy to conduct a programmatic environmental assessment of transportation and storage risks posed by ramped up  plutonium pit production. I hope to hear back from you on a date and time for these hearings. Thank you. 

If your reps are any of the following, write to them directly: Carolyn Maloney, House Oversight Committee Chair; Ro Khanna, Oversight Environmental Subcommittee Chair; Stephen Lynch, Oversight National Security Chair

If your rep is on the House Oversight and Reform Committee, send them an email: