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CODEPINK Congress Action: January 18, 2022

Photo of President Biden looking pensive at a desk with his mask halfway off.

✍️ Sign the petition: Tell NATO and the U.S. to stop escalating conflict in Ukraine 

📧 Email the White House

Dear President Biden,

My name is [first/last name from city/state]. Please sign the following executive orders:

  1. Unfreeze Afghanistan's assets & lift crippling sanctions collapsing the Central Bank
  2. Suspend arms sales to Saudi Arabia for its brutal blockade of Yemen

  3. Lift sanctions on Cuba and normalize relations

  4. Halt new permits for fossil fuel development & prohibit oil drilling on federal land

  5. Stop the use of title 42 to deny asylum requests

  6. Invoke the Defense Production Act to require drug companies to share their COVID vaccine technology with the world

  7. Transfer authorization of small arms sales back to the State Department to require Congressional notification

  8. Cancel student debt held by the federal government

  9. Appoint a special envoy to close Guantanamo prison, release those cleared, oversee civil trials & safe passage

  10. Prohibit U.S. drone assassinations

  11. Declare there will be no new military action under the Authorizations for Use of Force (2001, 2002) and Article II of the U.S. Constitution.

  12. Lift sanctions on Iran and rejoin the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA).