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CODEPINK CONGRESS Vijay Prashad: Palestine to Ukraine

Capitol Calling/Emailing/Tweeting Party
Email Congress: No More Weapons for Ukraine; STOP WWIII:

Calling Script: 202-224-3121
"Hello, my name is __________________ and I am your constituent in zip code ______________. I am calling to urge you to stop voting for arms for Israel's genocide in Gaza, demand a ceasefire and diplomacy in Ukraine--not more weapons--and boycott or disrupt Netanyahu's address to Congress. Thank you."

Key Links

Netanyahu: You Are Not Welcome In DC! July 24 in Congress

Their rules-based International Order is the Rule of the Mafia By Vijay Prashad (Posted Jun 07, 2024)

Bilateral Security Agreement  Between the United States of America and Ukraine

NATO: What You Need to Know (book by Medea Benjamin & David Swanson)

"Utterly Dismayed" Air Force Engineer Resigns as Dissent Against Gaza War Slowly Spreads Within the Military. (Prem Thakker. The Intercept. 6/18/24)