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CODEPINK at the Conventions 2024

This summer, we need your help to make sure our demands are heard at the Republican and Democratic National Conventions!

The RNC & DNC are coming up and, in true CODEPINK fashion, we’re going to be there to disrupt these events that put war criminals on a pedestal! In the face of a genocide supported by the US, it's more important than ever to raise our voices together and demand an end to US arms sales to Israel and to stop the US war machine!  

Join our CODEPINK contingent in the march on the RNC on July 15, 2024, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

After we shut it down at the RNC we’re going to need you in Chicago August 19-22, to disrupt the DNC! We’ll be taking part in the marches on the first and last days of the convention, and we need your help to make sure our CODEPINK contingent is strong!

There will be many opportunities to be involved for the DNC (even before the convention starts!) so make sure to RSVP now for updates on travel, housing, and the action schedule. 

Whether you join us at the RNC, DNC, or both, one thing is certain: You will be uplifting the truth. We need as many people as possible doing that right now. We will never forget about Gaza and we will never stop demanding a better future!

CODEPINK disrupts the RNC & DNC every four years, this year will be no different! We can’t wait to see you there!

If you haven't already fill out our interest forms to Disrupt the DNC and the RNC!

DNC Interest Form RNC Interest Form