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Send Congress a Peace Valentine for Gaza!


Join us in advocating for a ceasefire in Gaza, restored funding to UNRWA, and no more $$ for war this Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2024. The CODEPINK DC team will deliver your Valentine to Congress with our demands for a ceasefire and end to the ongoing genocide.

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Dear Congress:

On this Valentine’s Day, we ask, “Where is the love for humanity in Congress?” In the spirit of love for humankind, we are sending you, our lawmakers, our “Ceasefire in Gaza” message to end Israel’s ongoing genocide that has already killed over 32,000 people in Gaza, including the recent bombing of Rafah in southern Gaza where Israel had initially told Palestinians to seek refuge.

The majority of people who are being killed are women and children. Our hearts break for the people of Gaza with no food, water, shelter, and healthcare. Our hearts break for the Palestinians who lost their Valentine due to Israel’s brutal assault, whether it be their partners, mothers, fathers, children, or friends. We hope that you will show your constituents that you value all Palestinians’ inherent right to life with dignity.

We also ask that funding to UNRWA be restored as over 2 million Gazans are displaced by Israel’s bombardment and 400,000 are experiencing famine. UNRWA is a lifeline for Gazans. Now is a time to increase our support for them, not fund even more weapons and war globally.

On this Valentine’s Day, we ask our members of Congress to declare the national budget a moral document that elevates the needs of women and children instead of raining bombs on them. Let our love find its way into the hearts of our elected leaders to resist the overtures of weapons dealers and oil lobbyists to instead commit our government to peace, justice and human rights.

Let this Valentine heart remind all those who are on Capitol Hill that love is not hatred; peace is not war.


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