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Send Congress a Peace Valentine!


Join us in advocating for global peace this Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2023. The CODEPINK DC team will deliver your Valentine to Congress as we champion peace, diplomacy and cooperation over perpetual war, weapons and polarization. 

Dear Congress:

On this Valentine’s Day, we ask, “Where is the love in Congress?”

In the spirit of love — love for humankind, love for Mother Nature — we are sending you, our lawmakers, our “Ceasefire in Ukraine” message to end a war that threatens more death, destruction, climate degradation and nuclear annihilation.

In a gesture of hope, we send you this heart to symbolize our desire for an improved relationship with China to prevent a military confrontation with the most populous nation on earth.

On this Valentine’s Day, we ask our members of Congress to declare the national budget a moral document that elevates the needs of the children, the poor, the sick and the marginalized over the profits of military contractors raining catastrophe on the earth.

Let our love find its way into the hearts of your elected leaders to resist the overtures of weapons dealers and oil lobbyists to instead commit our government to peace, social justice and climate preservation.

Let this Valentine heart remind all those who are on Capitol Hill that love is not hatred; peace is not war.


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