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Beyond the War: Yemeni Concert & Fundraiser

Join us on Saturday March 26th at 9PM ET to listen and learn about Yemeni music through a Zoom concert! This event is free to attend, but we will be encouraging people to donate to our Ramadan fundraiser for Yemen before, during, and after the event. We are raising $20,000 to benefit Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation, a Yemeni founded and led organization. The money will go towards providing food baskets to families in Yemen during Ramadan and onwards. 

Zaki Socotorá will be playing the oud. Zaki’s eyes have always been fixated on the arts, looking at ways he could transform a space, enhance an experience or pull beauty out of something that would otherwise seem mundane. This thirst is what drove him to pursue graphic arts, it’s what drove him to establish his own company Qunafa and create cycling experiences, and it’s what ultimately led him to pursue his love of world music beyond just listening. Zaki once again wanted to create, and his roots led him back to the sounds of the Oud. This instrument has always instilled a sort of peace in him and he decided to learn and practice it well into his adult years. Learning and performing with the band, ASWAT, has been grounding him ever since. 

Please make a suggested donation of $10 to the Ramadan Fundraiser for Yemen. 

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