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Cold War Truth Commission: Event and Resources

Program & Resources



Rachel Bruhnke & Frank Dorrel

Opening Remarks 

Blase Bonpane

The Cold War 

Ramsey Clark               


Jim Lafferty 

Why We Need This Truth Commission to Expose ‘Cold War’ Lies

Peter Kuznick w/ Oliver Stone

Henry Wallace and the Cold War’s beginning

FILM CLIP: The Untold History of the United States

Daniel Ellsberg

The Role of the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex in Starting and Maintaining the Cold War

FDR Reading

Excerpt From ‘The Second Bill of Rights’ State of the Union Speech 1944

Rossana Cambron

Anti-Communism as a Weapon Against Progress

Michael Meeropol 

Son of the Rosenbergs 

Cold War Revisionism 

Gerald Horne

The U.S. Cold War as a Self-Inflicted Wound

Carol Frances Likens 

The Red-baiting of Abolitionists in 1850! (Labor’s Untold Story by Richard Boyer and Herbert Morais)

Rick Fellows

The Pro-Fascist Nature of U.S. Anti-Communism

Mike Feinstein

Is the Fear of “Communists” a Big Deal in Europe? A Green’s Perspective

Jeremy Kuzmarov

“A Sequence of Lies, the U.S Cold War, and Today…”

Chris Agee

Lesson from my Father, Phil Agee, and the CIA

Michael Novick

“The White Supremacist Nature of the U.S. Cold War”

Alice Slater

Historical and Current U.S. Cold War Against Russia

Norman Solomon

“Why So Many Progressives Bought Into the ‘Russiagate’ Frenzy”

MUSIC VIDEO: Gil Scott Heron

Work for Peace (Military and the Monetary)

Mumia Abul-Jamal & Stephen Vitorria

Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI

Julia Scoville

McCarthyism, Employment Fears, and the Vilification of Solidarity

Susan Gossman

What HUAC Did to My Father

Gregory Godels

McCarthyism’s effect on American workers. Case Study: Pittsburgh, PA

Richard Moser

How the American People Lost the Cold War: U.S. Empire and the Decline of American Democracy

Mickey Huff

Censoring of the Truth During the U.S. Cold War to Today

Chris Venn

The Housing Crisis, Land Accumulation, and US Cold War Ideology

Carley Towne  

The Co$t of U.S. Militarism in the U.S. Cold War to Today

Bruce Gagnon  

Weaponizing Space in the U.S. Cold War to Today

David Vine

There Was Nothing “Cold” About The Cold War

Kathy Kelly

War Resistance In the 1980s As Foundation for 1991 Iraq War Resistance

David Swanson

Combatting the Lies of the U.S. Cold War Today

Jeff Cohen

U.S. News Media: The Enduring Cold War Legacy

Ed Rampell

HUAC, the Hollywood Blacklist and McCarthyism: Cold War Cancel Culture

Peter McLaren

The U.S. Cold War Against Liberation Theology and the Ascendance Of the Religious Right

Rev. Steve Wilson

The Red-Baiting of Progressive Religious Values In the U.S. Cold War

Gail Walker

Lucius Walker: The Legacy of a Visionary Pastor for Peace

John Hankey

The U.S. Cold War and The Murder of ‘Communal’ Values

Gerry Condon

Resist War! A Message to Today’s Youth

YOUTH VOICES: Emily Dorrel

TikTok Video: A Warning on American Hypocrisy


“My Generation”

YOUTH VOICES: Alma Bruhnke

The Pledge of Allegiance, “God”, and the U.S. Cold War

YOUTH VOICES: Open Mic for Youth

2-minute Testimonies

Marcy Winograd

The Cold War in the U.S. Classroom

Eric Mann

Combating Anti-Communism in the 1960s

Carl Boggs

The Environmental Catastrophe of Militarism and the U.S. Cold War

MUSIC VIDEO: Sara Thomsen

Is it for Freedom?

Roy Bourgeois

School of Assassins: Resistance to Cold War Training at Ft. Benning, GA”   

Silvia Brandon-Perez

Interpreter for Torture Survivors SOA Watch

Barbara Trent

U.S. Cold War in Central America: Iran-Contra and the Invasion of Panama

Medea Benjamin

The U.S. Cold War v. African Liberation Struggles

Danny Sjursen

Cold War in the Heartland

Nuri Ronaghy

Origins of U.S.-Iranian Tension: The 1953 CIA-Orchestrated Coup Against Iran

Peter Phillips

The NSA and CIA Protects Concentrated Global Capitalism

Matthew Hoh

Afghanistan as a Pawn in the U.S. Cold War

Ann Wright

Inside and Outside the Military-Industrial Complex

Jodie Evans

Historical and Current U.S. Cold War Against China

John Parker

The Cold War and Continued Conflict With Syria

Miguel Angel

The Ongoing U.S. Cold War Against Honduras: Perspective From An Exile

Alicia Rivera

The U.S. Cold War Against El Salvador and Its Aftermath

Alicia Jrapko

The Dirty War in Argentina, Operation Condor and the U.S. Cold War

S. Brian Willson

U.S. Involvement in Creating and Sustaining the Cold War Against Korea

Joel Andreas

The Rise of Aerial Bombardment Throughout the Cold War

Nadya Williams

CIA Intrigue, the 1965 Coup Against Indonesia and Its Aftermath

Rachel Bruhnke & Frank Dorrel

Closing Remarks 

The Secret Government: The Constitution In Crisis  

Bill Moyers, PBS –  1987

WAR MADE EASY: How Presidents & Pundits Keep Spinning Us To Death

The Media Education Foundation – 2007

The Panama Deception 

Directed by Barbara Trent, The Empowerment Project – 1992


Directed by Peter Davis – 1975

Cover-Up: Behind The Iran-Contra Affair 

Directed by Barbara Trent, The Empowerment Project – 1988

Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky & The Media 

Produced by Mark Achbar, Directed by Peter Wintonick & Mark Achbar – 1993   

Paying The Price - Killing the Children of Iraq 

John Pilger – 2000 

“What I’ve Learned About U.S. Foreign Policy:The War Against The Third World"

Compiled by Frank Dorrel – 201

Arsenal of Hypocrisy: The Space Program & The Military Industrial Complex 

Produced by Randy Atkins, Featuring Bruce Gagnon & Noam Chomsky – 2004  

Beyond Treason: The True Story of Depleted Uranium

Written & Narrated by Joyce Riley, Directed by William Lewis - 2005 

The Friendship Village

Directed & Produced by Michelle Mason 2002  

Breaking The Silence: Truth and Lies in The War On Terror 

Written and directed by John Pilger – 2003 

The War On Democracy 

Directed by John Pilger - 2007   

Crisis In The Congo: Uncovering The Truth

By The Friends of the Congo - 2011

Billionaires LOVE the Cold War

By Kevin Danaher - 2021

Murder Incorporated, Mumia Abu-Jamal and Stephen Vittoria

Addicted to War, Joel Andreas

Inside Iran: The Real History and Politics of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Medea Benjamin

Fascism Old and New: American Politics at the Crossroads, Carl Boggs

Civilization Is Possible, Blase Bonpane

Guerrillas of Peace on the Air, Blase Bonpane

Acts of Aggression: Policing Rogue States, Noam Chomsky

Black and Red: W. E. B. Du Bois and the Afro-American Response to the Cold War, 1944-1963, Gerald Horne

United States of Distraction: Media Manipulation in Post-Truth America (and What We Can Do About It), Mickey Huff and Nolan Higdon

Modernizing Repression: Police Training and Nation Building in the American Century, Jeremy Kuzmarov

Playbook for Progressives, Eric Mann

Pedagogy of Insurrection: From Resurrection to Revolution, Peter McLaren

Red Seminars: Radical Excursions Into Educational Theory, Cultural Politics, Peter McLaren

The Untold History of the United States, Oliver Stone & Peter Kuznick 

War Made Easy, Normon Solomon

War Is a Lie, David Swanson

The United States of War: A Global History of America's Endless Conflicts, from Columbus to the Islamic State, David Vine

Blood on the Tracks: The Life and Times of S. Brian Willson, S. Brian Willson

Dissent: Voices of Conscience, Susan Dixon, Ann Wright