CODEPINK Week of actions in Congress: Tuesday, Sept 10th

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

Now is the time to have YOUR voice heard to prevent war on Syria!! Here’s the plan for Tuesday, September 10th in Washington DC:

This week we've been inside the halls of Congress lobbying and out in the streets protesting against war on Syria, and our voices are being heard! Tonight we teamed up with CREDO, MoveOn and the Win Without War Coalition to host a vigil at the CODEPINK Peace Insurrection encampment in front of Congress at the corner of Independence and New Jersey avenues. Hundreds joined us to oppose US strikes on Syria- including both Democratic and Republican representatives!! Now we need you to come out to Congress all day and the White House at 6:30pm as we continue to oppose a military intervention in Syria!

Here's the plan for Tuesday, September 10th:

9:00 am - 5:30pm: Meet at the CODEPINK Peace Insurrection encampment at New Jersey Ave & Independence Ave to pick up and distribute fliers and lobby packets! Congressional visits and call parties will be ongoing throughout the day.

1:00-2:00pm (daily activity!): Lunch/Reportback & Lobby training in the Rayburn House Building Cafeteria - look for the pink!

6:30 pm (changed from 5:30): Come eat cupcakes with us as we celebrate CODEPINK co-founder Medea Benjamin's birthday, then protest with us until Obama's speech on Syria at 8 to show the world Americans say no to war. Stick around while we show his speech on a 20 foot portable screen outside of the White House and provide commentary after. The Overpass Light Brigade will be there with giant light panels that read NO WAR ON SYRIA - we need volunteers to help us hold these!

If you can't make it to any of these events, but you still want to support our efforts, make a donation to CODEPINK or order us some salad or pizza to keep us going! We recommend New York Pizza at (202) 547-3838- please have it sent to the Peace Insurrection at New Jersey & Independence Avenues, Southeast DC! We will be lobbying all day every day this week, so stay tuned for schedule updates and upcoming events! You can check out more information about CODEPINK's work around Syria on our website.

See you in the streets!

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