CODEPINK's Rae nominated for peace prize!

Posted by CODEPINK Staff

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This just in: the lovely Rae of the Bay Area CODEPINK, and our national local groups coordinator, is one of three incredible activists in the running for the Agape Foundation's annual Rising Peacemaker Prize!

The winner will be announced tomorrow (the UN International Day of Peace) in San Francisco. Fingers crossed!!

Rae applied last spring for the prize, awarded each year to a new Northern California peacemaker who has made a critical difference towards progressive change within the last five years. It's quite an honor, coming from the 39-year-old foundation, which raises and distributes funds to non-violent groups working for peace, human rights, environmental protection, economic justice, progressive arts & media and grassroots organizing support.

Rae has certainly been an outstanding cornerstone of all we do here at CODEPINK. We're pink with pride!!

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