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CODEPINK gathers in conversation - San Francisco

In the midst of madness CODEPINK members continue to bring the message of peace and justice around the world. Just this last week, Medea and I were in Germany for the International Peace Bureau Congress, the week before in DC for World Beyond War conference. Ann Wright has been on the Women's Boat to Gaza, kidnapped by Israel and back in NYC in action at the Saudi consulate. Nancy, Martha, Toby and more have been in Mexico with SOAW and on and on. CODEPINK on the front lines for peace.

I am coming through the bay and wanted to create an opportunity to gather and share. The local peace economy gatherings are blossoming all over the country, I want to share stories and what inspires me.  

We are producing a tribunal on Iraq and you all have been with us through this 14 year journey, what testimonies should we have and what will you put together as the costs to your communities? What do you have planned to build the movement we will need with a new president in the White House?
We are in a crucial time, where we will need to find ways together to divest from the violent, extractive, war economy, and build just, peaceful, and regenerative ways of living to be able to survive and thrive. It happens together in conversation.

Join me.

Can we count you in?




Thought Works
814 Mission St 5th Floor San Francisco, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States,

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