CODEPINK Disrupts Israeli PM Netanyahu

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Below are links to CODEPINK activist Rae Abileah's disruption of Israeli PM Netanyahu during his address to Congress on May 24, 2011 with a message to elected leaders: “No More Occupation! Stop Israeli War Crimes! Equal Rights for Palestinians!”Netanyahu was also disrupted by five CODEPINK activists when he addressed the AIPAC Gala on May 23, 2011.The activists carried banners with messages about what about Israel's policies is “indefensible”: the bulldozing of houses, the starvation of Gaza, the silencing of dissent, the occupying of land, and so on.

Why did I disrupt?


Netanyahu disrupted at Aipac gala

Al Jazeera

Israel PM takes hard line on peace talks

Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera Interviews Rae Abileah

Al Jazeera (video)

Why Rae Abileah says she disrupted Benjamin Netanyahu's Tuesday address to Congress


Heckler Interrupts Isreali PM Netanyahu


Benjamin Netanyahu Heckled in Congress

ABC News (video)

Heckler Briefly Interrupts Israeli PM Speech

ABC News

Leftist Protester Alleges Beating After Interrupting Bibi's Rally

NBC Bay Area

“Netanyahu is the Main Obstacle to Peace”: CodePink Activist Disrupts Israeli PM Speech to Congress

Democracy Now!

Help Identify Rae Abileah's Attackers

Daniel Sieradski (photos)

AIPAC activists beat me: Jewish woman who disrupted PM's Congress speech says members of Jewish lobby attacked her

YNet News

Netanyahu heckler arrested after being hospitalized

Jerusalem Post

Thank you Rae Abileah

The Palestine Chronicle

AIPAC: Telling a Whopper

The Palestine Chronicle

Rep. Lynn Woolsey Expresses Support for Palestine Activist!


Those who dare challenge Israel should be applauded by others

Mahmoud El-Yousseph

Right Wing U.S. Jews: Why So Violent?

Kayla Starr

Israel's peace plan a worthless effort

Stanley Mozda

Move Over, AIPAC

Harry Clark

Out of the Belly of AIPAC and Why I am too RED to be Pink!

Eileen Fleming


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