CODEPINK Condemns US Troops to Syria

CODEPINK condemns President Obama’s decision to deploy 250 additional troops to Syria. This represents the first major expansion of U.S. ground troops in a multilateral regional war. Rather than further engaging the U.S. military in another country’s civil war, President Obama should use his last months in office to fulfill his campaign promises to end U.S. military interventions in the Middle East.

For decades, the United States government has perpetuated endless conflicts in the Middle East, exacerbated civil wars and deepened sectarian divides. The current U.S. military intervention in Syria is no exception. Despite billions of tax dollars spent on airstrikes, arming rebel forces, and sharing surveillance intelligence, U.S. military endeavors have neither alleviated the suffering in Syria, brought the civil war to an end, nor improved American national security.  

The American people are now expected to foot an astounding $375 million bill just to train the 250 Special Forces troops headed to Syria. The U.S. government should spend fewer resources on ground forces, which President Obama previously said he would never deploy to Syria, and more on supporting peace talks and providing humanitarian assistance to the millions of Syrian people who are besieged, internally displaced, or refugees in other countries.

CODEPINK supports our brothers and sisters in Syria who are suffering, either under the Islamic State or bloody regime of Assad, at the receiving end of U.S. bombs, or any other violence engulfing the country. We call for a negotiated end to the Syrian civil war and all U.S. troops and military contractors out of Syria.


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  • Farouk Belal
    commented 2016-10-06 17:33:42 -0400
    Also, please stop calling it “Civil” war. Iran, Russia, Iraqi Militia, Hezbollah were involved since day one. Additionally, you have 52 countries in the so called Coalition Against ISIS. How can this be a “Civil War” with all these foreign countries sticking their nose?
  • Farouk Belal
    commented 2016-10-06 17:31:18 -0400
    As a Syrian who his family is under the mercy of Russian’s bombs, Iranian militia, Assad’s terrorism and Al Qaida’s monsters, I don’t want to see more boots in my homeland. However, how do you think this whole thing can end? Negotiations with Assad’s regime has started in 2012, and each time they reach a point, Assad will back off and start bombing civilians. Assad has violated every single ceasefire in Syria. Also, negotiations between the US and Russia started 8 months ago; have Russia stopped?! NO. Russia escalated its war crimes against civilians in Syria. Both Russia and Assad are using chemical weapons, phosphoric bombs, cluster bombs, bunker-buster bombs and every single prohibited weapons on civilians; specifically targeting schools, bakery, food markets and hospitals. It’s very clear that both Russia and Assad are not interested in negotiations and peace.
  • Leeza Vinogradov
    commented 2016-04-27 15:06:51 -0400
    WE should be in shock and awe of Obama’s double speak but unfortunately we don’t expect that he’ll keep his word. .Are things becoming untenable, unbearable and beyond expectations of a peaceful world?
    I wish this wasn’t the way it appears. Are You hopeful?….
    Am I ?
    Is there a viable solution?
    Will these wars EVER end?