#CODEPINK15: Special invitation for LA!


Can you believe it has been 15 years since Medea, Diane Wilson and I hung a banner on the White House fence that read NO WAR IN IRAQ and called CODEPINK? Tens of thousands of actions have happened across the world in PINK to educate, inspire, and activate women and men to end war and to expose the lies, greed, and violations of human rights that happen in our name - and to bring the money home to the needs of our communities.

Join our hosts: Susan Clark, Mimi Kennedy, Susan Adelman & Claudio Llanos, Sarah Nichols, Dorothy Reik, Mark E. Pollack, Aqeela Sherrills, Patricia Foulkrod, Claudine Mulard, Dana Balicki, Mary Fenstermacher, Karen Sperling, Donna Deitch, Katharine King, Cat Chambaret, Ibrahim AlHusseini and Carol Mosson Sunday October 1st at Scott Mayers’ Lantern House in Venice as we celebrate those 15 years! 

Hear from: Robert Scheer, Estee Chandler, Lili Hayden, Barbara Williams and Jacqueline Fuentes.  Celebrate with us with door prizesand auction items from Lekha Singh, Robert Greenwald, Joan Beerman, Robbi Canal, Frank Gehry, Jasiu Krajewski, Roya Adjory and local Venice vendors. 

Thank you, Scott Mayers, for hosting the bar and us in your home! It’s time to celebrate! Wear your hottest PINK!

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Rise, Love & Resist! 
Jodie Evans

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