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China Is Not Our Enemy with Jodie Evans and Stephen Roddy

Stephen Roddy will join Jodie Evans in the continuation of dismantling the lies and aggression towards China. 

Stephen teaches courses on East Asian literature and culture at the University of San Francisco. His recent interests include the cultural history of tea, ethnographic poetry, and cross-border  intellectual dialog in the 18th-19th centuries.  He has lived for extended periods in Beijing, Nanjing, Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo, and Kyoto. 

Jodie Evans has been a visionary advocate for peace for several decades. An inspired motivator, Jodie invigorates nascent activists and re-invigorates seasoned activists through her ever-evolving, always exciting methods to promote peace. Recently, she has been continuously collaborating with peace activists from across the world in uplifting that China Is Not Our Enemy. Her efforts have been featured in China Daily and An International Peace Forum through No Cold War

Join us live on Youtube or get involved with the conversation by RSVPing to this event and receiving a link to the Zoom room! To learn more or watch past webinars in this series visit #ChinaIsNotOurEnemy.

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