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Global Assembly on Catastrophic Floods in Pakistan and Climate Reparations

We invite you to join us for an online gathering to discuss the ecological disaster in Pakistan and to strategize for a campaign to build pressure on IMF-World Bank (before their annual meeting in mid-October in Washington DC) to abolish IMF and WB debt carried by developing countries facing the worst consequences of planetary breakdown.

Like most developing countries, Pakistan emits a small fraction of overall carbon emission but is facing the most devastating flooding, rain, extreme heat waves, and glacier meltdown induced by fossil fuel capitalism.

We are hoping to start a campaign to popularize the idea of climate reparation, starting with the abolition of IMF-World Bank debts on countries facing climate catastrophes.

Connect with other academics, activists and organizers.


Olufemi Taiwo is an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown. He is the author of Reconsidering Reparation (2022), in which he argues that Global Climate Justice is not possible without reparations.

Olivia DiNucci is a Climate Justice activist and an organizer with CODEPINK. She works on holding Pentagon, IMF & World Bank accountable for their part in fueling climate change through carbon emissions.

Asad Farooq is a lawyer, teacher, and organizer. He works closely with flood affected communities in the Seraiki Belt of Pakistan. He is also a member of Alliance for Climate Justice and Clean Energy (ACJCE).

BOL Worker Owned Books is pop-up bookstore that aims to establish DC's first worker-owned bookstore, cafe, and community space based on ideals of racial justice and economic democracy.

We will also be joined by many amazing organizers, and activists who are doing on-the-ground climate justice work in Pakistan and Washington DC

Please RSVP to see the registration link. 

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